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Dinner in the Vines

An entirely New Experience

Indulge in a charming outdoor dining experience among the blooming vines of Bent Ridge Winery’s stunning vineyard setting in beautiful rural Nova Scotia.

The winery welcomes a guest chef who will curate a special four-course dinner – prepared and cooked outside in front of guests in the outdoor wood-fired oven – infusing each dish with rustic charm and distinctive smoky flavours.

Begin your evening with an enticing array of hors d’oeuvres, paired with a wine tasting led by the winery owners.

As the sun dips behind the vineyard, savour an appetizing starter, and then revel in a perfectly cooked main course, while enjoying the impressive wines that reflect the vineyard’s heritage and terroir.

Finish off your culinary journey with a decadent dessert, followed by a nightcap and a stroll under the twinkling stars. This lavish dinner in the vines promises an unforgettable fusion of nature’s beauty and culinary excellence.

Your experience awaits