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Zakary Miller


May 31 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Bent Ridge Winery
4499 Highway 14, Windsor, Nova Scotia


Zakary Miller is from just up the road. He has searched all over Canada for the feeling of home and good music. He has collected and played music from across the spectrum of genres but has settled into a sound and instrumentation that echoes of the 1800s and early 1900s. Celebrating a century of serious artists who didn’t take themselves too seriously, Zakary Miller digs through our musical history to find the funny and forgotten songs, giving them new life.

His own material does the same for our time, capturing the humour that is life on earth in a timeless, parading, Yodeling fashion. He Invites potential chaos by hiring improvising musicians, of various disciplines in their own right and mixes old chord progressions with new compositional techniques to find a middle ground between the chaos and the classic. A mountain man at heart and a CityBilly by birth, Zakary Miller has never let a label stick to him, because just like his musical tastes, there are no genres, borders or limits to possibilities.

He calls his work ‘Old Music For New People’ or sometimes ‘New Music For Old People.’ It’s all about breaking convention while revisiting history for Zakary Miller, and he seeks to share that humorous, musical joy with the world.